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Peace & Smile Carnival

Let's Rock

The Peace & Smile Carnival Tour RPC
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Welcome to Peace_Carnival. We are a new Role-Play community based on the Peace & Smile Carnival Tour that was held in late 2005. We are hoping for this place to be a fun and happy enviroment without too much drama. If you'd like to join, please read the rules and fill out the application. There are only 20 spots open so be quick to get your favorite PSC rocker!

I don't like the word 'rules', but that's pretty much what it is:
You must fill out an application before joining!
→ You are allowed only one muse. If you try to sneak another and we find out, your second muse will be deleted.
→ Your muse must have their own journal. You can't use your own or another rp journal unless you are no longer using it for someplace else.
→ For now, we are only using msn messanger. It might change since msn is a pain in the ass.
→ Respect your management, your band members, other band members and muns. If you become a problem, you will be kicked out and your muse will be up for the taking again.
→ Pairings are welcome! However, along with pairings, some drama might accur.
Please try to keep drama at its minimum. Your bands cannot disband.
NC 17 logs must be locked.
→ You MUST add all members on your journal and your msn. Management will be updating every few weeks on new memebers if you fall behind.
→ Please stay active! We request at least one entry in your journal and two logs per month to keep your account active. We'll nudge you once, but if we have to nudge you again, we'll have to ask you to leave.
Rape, Death, and or Suicide is NOT welcomed here. If you want to drop your muse, please post in the community saying you are dropping. Someone will take your place.

The management is usually on everyday, so we will not lack behind.
Journals can be Friends only or Public. Up to you. ♥

Here are the bands that are up for claiming members:

PSC Management (mods only) → 雅-miyavi-Kagrra,KraThe GazettEAlice Nine

Pleace check the claim list to see who is open for taking.

Here is the form to apply. Please apply here.
Mun name:
Mun journal:
Muse Msn:
Muse name:
Muse journal:

RP n00bs!
This is for people who are new to role-playing on lj:
Mun: The person who is playing a character.
Muse: The character that the mun is playing.
There are two types of styles. Either one is fine. Here are examples:
→ Keiyuu looked up at Mai. "Are you coming or what?"
→ *Keiyuu looked up at Mai.* Are you coming or what?
(Some people use '-' instead of '*')

Have Fun!
PSC Managers:
Izabella & Annelise